Big Belfast Choir

Looking for a Belfast Choir?
It's big. It's fun. It's full of friends who love to sing!

This community choir in Belfast is all about fun. We love to sing, make friends, embrace life and do things a little differently. We are not your average choir – we’re bright, we’re vivacious and we have a zest for life! 

Sing. Rock. Live.

We are more than just a choir. The social side of the Big Belfast Choir is a huge part of the experience. Life long friendships have been born out of singing together. Outside of choir we adventure together, we island hop and we’ve even dabbled in (very much optional!) sea swimming. 

Join us to sing, rock & live life to the full! There’s a choir option to suit everyone.

Free choir taster session

We would absolutely love to have you join us for a choir meetup to “try before you buy”. We’ll welcome you to the crew for a night (and hopefully beyond!) with open arms wide open! 

“Our aim is to get you off the sofa, come sing and have loads of fun in the process. No auditions. No need to read music.

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About Us

We are a choir in Belfast, Northern Ireland founded by Aoife Cormacain

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