Piano Classes
Lessons will be in small groups over zoom. Do not worry, there will be no pressure to perform in front of others should you not wish.

Class will be relaxed with the aim of getting you playing and most importantly ENJOYING the piano.  We will use the Piano Safari method.

“Piano Safari progresses deliberately in terms of reading yet quickly in terms of playing. This builds foundational skills while developing a strong ear and technique in the student.”

You will need a piano/keyboard and the piano safari books. (I can send you the first pages to get you started.

Lessons will take place on Tuesday mornings at 10am.

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You will not believe how quickly you will be able to progress on the ukulele! With just a few chords you will be singing along and loving it!

Classes will be held on Monday mornings at 10am.

We will learn finger picking and chords! There will be no pressure to perform in front of others, this is all about the enjoyment of music.

The term runs from 23rd September until 7th December. To join for the term click:

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